SReXperts APAC 2018

Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore
16 - 18 October 2018

To cover the wide range of topics that are of interest to SReXperts attendees, as usual we will use breakouts for much of the agenda. Four learning paths, or breakout streams have been identified, each one focusing on a different technology or market application.

Descriptions of the four breakout streams are below.

IP Infrastructure and Evolution

The increasing scale, connectivity, diversity and dynamics of cloud content and IoT applications are putting new pressure on today’s IP infrastructure. Networks of the future must be ready to handle hundreds of new and life-changing applications and services for millions of users. This stream will explore the new IP Routing innovations and key functionalities that Nokia provides allowing operators to evolve their networks to deliver new ultra-broadband services in an efficient flexible way. The stream will include topics of the evolving network through NFiX, BNG evolution, real-time network analytics with Deepfield, service evolution with EVPN, update on SR OS unicast & multicast and much more.

SDN, Network Automation and Programmability

“Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are being deployed in today‚Äôs communications networks. Day 1 of this steam will focus on the evolution and transformation of telco cloud architecture and cloud based services under the influence of SDN and NFV technologies. It will discuss how new telco cloud innovations deliver value through just-in-time capacity, automated operations, openness and short innovation cycles. It will also explore the Nokia telco cloud solution with Nuage Networks and its partners, Virtual Networks Orchestration (VNO), and related topics.

Programmable networks and network automation with AI & ML being the next rage of innovation. Day 2 of this team will focus on Network Automatioin and Programmability, covering topics from NFiX programmability, network telemetry, introducing AL & ML for network and service assurance with NSP and much more.”

Industry Segments (Transportation, Energy and Public Sectors, and Software Defined Enterprise and Data Center)

“Day 1 of this industry-focused stream will explore the evolution of Critical Infrastructure Networks for railways, air navigation, utility, public safety, defense and state and local government organizations. The stream will bring a mixture of Nokia experts and guest speakers across multiple industry sectors and technologies to share their experiences in moving to IP/MPLS for their respective applications. This stream will also provide more insight in best practices for network implementing cybersecurity and providing resilience to mission critical communication systems, as well as how applications can be integrated. Furthermore, this stream will look at the evolution of technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, and SDN and how they can help advance telecommunications for the various industries.

Day 2 of the stream will explore our building blocks for large enterprises use cases: Nuage VNS to deliver software defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) capabilities for consistent management and cost-effective networking to remote branches and facilities; Nuage VSP to provide software defined networking (SDN) capabilities for fully programmable, automated, and secure private-hybrid clouds; Nuage VSS to use the power of software-defined networking (SDN) to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents across the WAN, datacenter and cloud; and Data Center Interconnect to provide scalable, secure enterprise data center connectivity for the cloud era.”

5G Mobile Core and Transport

“High speed, high capacity and low latency 5G technologies are the cornerstones of future connectivity that can enable new growth opportunities. Day 1 of the stream will explore new technical innovations and real use cases that how Nokia cloud-native packet core can help you deliver converged broadband, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine type communication (MTC) services while creating an evolution path to 5G. In addition, new cloud architectures offer the benefit to use commodity data-center infrastructure to deliver the next mobile-web core. The sessions will delve into the Service Domain and consider approaches in ways 5G and the cloud and can optimize your network.

5G will make transport networks infinitely more complex, requiring extreme flexibility across the entire network spanning fronthaul, backhaul and core. Day 2 of the stream will discuss how to drive wireless service and application evolution with an efficient and responsive anyhaul network. It will explore Nokia’s latest innovations in 5G anyhaul and the end-to-end transport solutions for mobile and wireless services with real use cases. The stream will also discuss the automation and optimization of 5G end-to-end network slicing using NSP.”